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What our residents are saying…

“Thank you very much for researching and adjusting so quickly. Exceptional service! 🙂 “
– Paul – August 2017

“This was a repair to the ceiling over shower area due to leak from above. I really appreciate the team approach and smooth communication. The maintenance staff figured out the problem and let the property manager know right away; the property manager was able to schedule the vendor within a few days and worked with me on scheduling; the outside vendor was very considerate and courteous, did the job quickly and cleaned up thoroughly. I had been stressed about this repair, since it felt major to me to have a hole in the ceiling and water damage, but it ended up being fairly painless. I am very grateful that Bristol handles maintenance this quickly and well. Thank you!”
– Anonymous, July 2017

“Maintenance was very nice, reminded us to submit requests for anything we ever need”
– Anonymous, July 2017

“Within 24 hours of putting in a maintenance request online, I have a maintenance technician contacting me to set up a time when they can stop by to work on anything I need assistance with.  I found this perk to be amazing!  Everyone on staff here has gone above and beyond their job description to ensure each and every tenant is completely at ease and happy residing on Broadmoor’s grounds.  I am grateful to not only live in a beautiful city such as Portland, but in an apartment complex where I always feel safe and taken care of no matter what.  I definitely plan on residing here as long as possible….With all these great perks and people, why would I move?!”
– Broadmoor Manor Resident, June 2017

“It was an amazing apartment to reside in for 16 months and the location was convenient to get things done. The management was helpful with any issues when it was necessary.”
– Metropolitan Exiting Resident, January 2015

“Carrie – Thank you so much for being such an amazing landlord! And Bristol has been great to work with over the years. Thank you again, we will miss Adare Manor.”
– Adare Manor Exiting Resident, August 2014

“I have lived at both the Adare Manor and The Poplar and have had an incredible experience renting from you. As of late, Carrie has been my landlord and I can’t say enough good things about her. She’s an incredible landlord.”
– Poplar Exiting Resident, August 2014

“I was listening to a friend complain about a bad rental situation, that nothing ever gets fixed, etc., etc, and I was reminded of the wonderful service here with Bristol. I think that my last repair (on my kitchen sink faucets) was done the very next day after my request went in! Thanks again for the great service!”
– Metropolitan Current Resident, July 2014

“Gary went above and beyond for this repair, I never really imagined that a broken light was ever going to be a priority. He ordered a custom part and got it replace. He also worked with my annoying schedule and yappy dogs!”
– Current Resident, May 2014

What one feature do you like best about your new apartment? “Location, care of building, friendly neighbors, Everything! Burton is amazing!”
– Villa Jene New Resident, January 2014

“Sue and Tracy(…) are excellent in communications and efficient in solving difficult issues. I appreciate their professionalism. (…) I appreciated a safe, well maintenanced yard and working laundry for my family (…) + the professionalism I experienced with many of your employees.”
– Waverleigh Exiting Resident, January 2014

“Thanks everyone! We loved our beautiful flat so much!”
– Margaret Exiting Resident, December 2013

“I absolutely loved San Da Roda! (…) Honestly, you all are the best company I’ve ever been with! If I stayed in Portland I would’ve stayed with you!”
– San Da Roda Exiting Resident, August 2013

“My customer service experience w/ Bristol was top notch.”
– Mt Tabor Exiting Resident, August 2013

Why did you choose this property? “Felt right. I knew I’d be taken care of.”
– Poplar Resident, May 2013

“If ever I move back to the area I’ll come to Bristol first.”
– Charlotte Rose Exiting Resident, May 2013

“I had a wonderful experience with management and neighbors between two different Bristol Apts. Maintenance was handled quickly and everyone was friendly and helpful.”
– Vintage Exiting Resident, May 2013

“Denise rocks. Super friendly and knowledgable, and she makes you feel like any issues you might have are her issues too.”
– Margaret Resident, March 2013