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Winter is Coming: How to Prepare

Winter is coming and we want you to be prepared! Below are some common things to keep in mind as we move into the chilly months of the Pacific Northwest. 


Staying warm is tops! But, on a rare occasion, if the heat does go out we want you to know what to do! First, submit a work order online via your Appfolio resident portal and then contact your property manager to let them know. They can provide you with an electric heater while we expedite the repair. This allows our maintenance team to prioritize your needs! Don’t know how to submit? See our tenant portal for more. 


Breath deep and be sure your apartment home is properly ventilated in the cold months too! Especially during/after showering and cooking. We are located in the lovely but humid PNW, and because many Bristol buildings are vintage and don’t have modern HVAC, be sure to crack a window. Failing to ventilate, especially in cold weather, can cause an increase in humidity inside and create that oh-so-sticky feeling that nobody loves.

Heating Temperature

As the temperature drops, the humidity in the air rises and so does the potential for damage. To that end, do not turn off your heat when you leave for work or vacation. Feel free to drop your heat to 65 degrees, but we suggest maintaining that as a minimum temperature to avoid any risk of added moisture in your unit to mitigate the potential of damage, especially in very cold weather when pipes can freeze.  

Furniture a Flame

Furniture too close to heaters becomes a quick fire hazard! Love your stuff? Preserve it by ensuring it doesn’t get scorched on a hot register, live fireplace or gas stove. Bonus: it keeps the community in your building safe, too! Everybody wins!

Noise Awareness

With rainy season upon us, inside fun becomes the norm. And SOMETIMES, noise from inside the building may increase. As a reminder, please be aware of neighbors and keep noise levels reasonable. Unavoidable eavesdropping makes it awkward for everyone. 🙂


Taking the garbage out in the rain is no fun! But what’s even LESS fun is picking up wet trash off the ground when it doesn’t make it into the bins! Be kind, “make the basket” so your neighbors aren’t picking up that wet rubbish. Bad day? Take your frustrations out while you break the cardboard boxes down, too. Then send that negative energy sailing when you put the obliterated cardboard in the proper bin. If the garbage/recycling has a lock, relock it out of consideration for the safety of others in your community. Trash panda memes are cute, but raccoons in person are dangerous. 


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